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Yutaka Co., Ltd. is the premier inspection machine manufacturer for BGA, CSP, and FC equipment micro solder balls, as well as electronic and automotive parts. A team of expert professionals with rich experience in the industry provide high-quality and reliable machines using the latest technology. Yutaka's market is rapidly expanding and the company continues to evolve and live up to the impeccable quality that Japan is known for. From the smallest microscopic parts to large electronic or automotive components, Yutaka provides machines that thoroughly test each and every piece to contribute to your quality control. Yutaka's equipment is well-known and used extensively amongst manufacturers in the automotive, aerospace, marine, rail, and medical industries. We continue to revolutionize inspection technology and concepts for various industries and we will find a solution to every challenge, giving our customers a competitive edge in value and productivity efficiency. When you think of quality, think of Yutaka.

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Yutaka Co., Ltd.
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