Solder Ball Diameter Selecting Machine

The YSW-2R roller selection type machines are the best machines for
sorting out defects for micro solder balls. Since 1990, Yutaka Co., LTD. has implemented various forms of technology, such as laser and optical instruments and electric sensors, into their mechanical processing. Yutaka also manufactures YSW-2R special-type outer diameter selecting machines for bearings balls, combined-metal balls, glass balls, ceramic balls and solder balls. The YSW-2R machines can operate without supervision continuously, 24 hours a day. Each individual ball is inspected as it passes through the rollers, ensuring that only the highest quality products are accepted. Our machines provide you with higher operation speed and productivity and the precision that Yutaka is known for.

Outer Diameter Selection for Micro Solder Balls: Premier Precision Tolerance
Our YSW-2R series for micro solder balls has excellent ability to select the outer diameter with selection tolerance as low as 1ƒΚ‚, compared to the usual mesh-selection method which has a tolerance of }7 to 10ƒΚ‚.

24-hour Continuous Operation: No Operator Required!
YSW-2R machines are designed to operate continuously without an operator for days at a time, helping customers reduce their labor costs and increase productivity. An operator is only necessary when adjusting the machine to inspect different sized balls.

High-speed Selection for All Solder Balls
YSW-2R machines have the ability to inspect work at a high speed because it has two lines installed that can run simultaneously (one line = a pair of rollers). One YSW-2R machine can inspect roughly the following amount of work per year: –ƒΣ0.76mm in diameter micro solder balls : approx 168 to 587 million balls/month –ƒΣ0.76mm in diameter micro solder balls : approx 2 to 7 billion balls/year For smaller-sized micro solder balls ( such as ƒΣ0.25 to ƒΣ0.5mm in diameter), selection speed is increased up to about 25% due to the smaller circumference. The machinesf tapered pair of rollers allows 3-4 different sized balls to be inspected by the same machine. The rollers allow the machine to identify quality products, as well as over- and under-sized products.

Economically Efficient: Reduce Costs and Increase Production
Based off of the sorting capabilities listed above, it is clear that the YSW-2R series is the optimal choice in reducing costs and ensuring the highest quality possible. Compared to the mesh selection method used at the final inspection stage before delivery, which requires very expensive mesh for each solder ball type with a different diameter, our machines are much more economically efficient. In addition, mesh wears out easily and the inspection holes get larger overtime, meaning that they need to be replaced and they cannot always ensure that the diameters of each solder ball are the same. Unlike mesh, our YSW-2R roller-type selection method is durable and doesn't require any replacement for approximately 10 years, due to our expertise in creating quality machines and advanced technology. The YSW-2R is basically a maintenance-free machine that can be used anywhere around the world. YSW-2R machines are also excellent electricity savers. The machine uses about the same amount of electricity as the fluorescent lighting lamps in the factories where our machines are installed.

Changeover is Quick and Easy: Inspection for Solder Balls of Various Diameters
Our YSW-2R machines are capable of inspecting solder balls that are ƒΣ0.25mm up toƒΣ1.0mm in diameter without any additional attachments. Adjusting the rollers for various diameters can be done quickly and easily by the operators.

Special Patenting: No Friction During Inspection
The special patented original solder ball supply device for YSW-2R machines designed by Yutaka Co., Ltd. doesn't cause any vibration and friction during operation. Due to extensive experience in the field, Yutakafs engineers adopted the roller-selection method instead of mechanical gravity-type selection systems, in order to keep inspection speed high, operation consistent, and costs down. The rollers are designed not to give any pressure to the solder ball during the inspection and sorting process. The solder balls roll over on the pair of rollers only by gravity.
Remarks :
1. The following patents are adopted to the YSW-2R:
Approved in Japan : No. 2,107,794
Approved in Japan : No. 2,721,300
Approved in U.S.A : No. 5,392,955
2. Specifications are subject to change without notice to improve the performance of the YSW-2R.
3. Mechanical warranty and proper function of YSW-2R are guaranteed subject to following conditions:
* The machine is installed in a clean room that does not vibrate.
* The machine is installed in a room that has a consistent temperature.

1D Solder Ball Diameter Requirements:
Total range: ƒΣ0.1‚‚-ƒΣ3.0‚‚ (Choice from the three types below):
(A) ƒΣ0.3‚‚-ƒΣ1.0‚‚ (for normal micro solder balls)
(B) ƒΣ1.0‚‚-ƒΣ3.0‚‚ (for other kinds of micro balls)
(C) ƒΣ0.1‚‚-ƒΣ0.3‚‚
*Adjusting the roller to inspect different diameter sizes is quick and easy.

2D Inspection Tolerance for Solder Ball Diameter:
The machine can confirm that each ball is completely round and can reject any balls that are not within 1ƒΚ‚ of the desired diameter. Two rollers create a pair of rollers used for inspecting the diameter of the solder balls. Each roller can move between 0.1ƒΚ‚ to 0.4ƒΚ‚. The rollers are approximately 300 mm long. As a pair, the rollers can measure and inspect solder balls between 0.3ƒΚ‚ to max 0.5ƒΚ‚ and keep a 1ƒΚ‚ deviation rate. The YSW-2R machines are specifically designed for inspecting the outer diameter of micro balls at high speed. Therefore, the machine cannot inspect deformities (oval or football-shaped balls, apple-shaped, flat surfaces, etc.) or defects (hollowness, pin holes, scratches, double balls, etc.).

Selection Speed:
The following is an example of how sorting and inspection speed is determined:
1D Outer diameter of micro solder balls ƒΣ0.76mm (example.)
2D Selection speed per a pair of rollers 33.3`116.6 pieces/one pair of rollers
3D Number of selection machines in the facility: 10 (example; please see layout drawing)
4D Necessary ground space for 10 machines: 3,700.mm ‚w 8,300.mm
5D Hours of operation: 24 hours/day, 30 days/month
6D Rate of operation 97%
Remarks :
* For ƒΣ0.3‚‚-ƒΣ0.5‚‚ micro solder balls, selection speed should increase by about 25% due to the smaller circumference. However, other factors, such as the factory environment and condition of balls, may affect the overall selection speed.
*The YSW-2R machines are designed to be operated continuously without supervision; therefore, the calculations for the selection speed are based on 100 hours or more of continuous operation. The original solder ball supplying device and inner cubic volume of the device may affect the selection speed, depending on its capacity.

Feasible productivity rate for sorting and selecting micro balls (per hour/month/year):
- Unit: 1,000 pieces -
(1) 0.033 to 0.117 pieces/second X 2 pairs of rollers = 0.067 to 0.233 pieces/second
(2) 0.067 to 0.233 pieces X 60 seconds = 4 to 14 pieces/minute
(3) 4 to 14 pieces/minute X 60 minutes = 240 to 840 pieces/hour
(4) 240 to 840 pieces/hour X 24 hours = 5,760 to 20,160 pieces/day
(5) 5,760 to 20,160 pieces/day X 30 days = 172,800 to 604,800 pieces/month
172,800 to 604,800 pieces/month X 97% = 167,616 to 586,656 pieces/month
(6) 172,800 to 604,800 pieces/month X 12 months = 2,073,600 to 7,257,600 pieces/year
2,073,600 to 7,257,600 pieces/year X 97% = 2,011,392 to 7,039,872 pieces/year
(for one YSW-2R machine)
2,011,392 to 7,039,872 pieces/year X 10 sets = 20,113,920 to 70,398,720 pieces/year
(for ten YSW-2R machines)

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