YS-QXS Series

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Inspection Options
Target Work: M3 - M6@or M4 - M8
Shank LengthF 8 - 50mm
Color CCD Camera: Head Diameter, Head Cracks & Scratches,
Existence of Plating
Lateral Color CCD Camera: Flow of Screw, Thread Diameter, Thread Pitch,
Tip Shape, Presence of Threading
Sensor: Shank Length
Other Functions: 6 Digit Preset Counter,
Fail Safe & Automatic Recovery Function,
Multi-Table System, No Changeover Required! (International Patent),
100% Shank Inspection Function (Patent),
250 - 1200 Parts Per Minute Inspection & Sorting Capability

Multi-Table System, No Changeover Required! (International Patent)

100% Shank & Thread Inspection!

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