Inspection & Sorting Machine for Long Screws

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Inspection Options
Target Work: M3 - M6 (M8 - M12)

Shank LengthF30 - 100mm (100 - 250mm)
Upper Camera: Head Shape
Lateral Camera: Shank Length, Presence of Threading, Screw Shape, Bend of Screw
Other Functions: Multi-Table System (M3 - M6 or M8 - M12 Combined)@
(Domestic & International Patent)

High Speed Inspection of the Bent Shank Axis
Preset Counter (6 Digits)

360 Lens Inspection Options
Target Work: M4 - M8 (M10 - M14)
Shank Length: 60 - 100mm (100 - 250mm)
Upper Camera: Head Shape & Scratch Inspection, Head Diameter
Lateral Camera: Head Height (Thickness), 360 Degree Head Inspection,

360 Degree Inspection of Scratches and Nicks on the Shaft (Including the Threaded Portion)
360 Degree Inspection of the Shaft and Tip Shape
Laser Sensor: Long & Short Shank Inspection
Other Functions: 360 Degrees Full Scan of Tip Shape and Shaft,
Preset Counter (6 Digits),
Shaft Bend Inspection by Rotation Mechanism

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